What is LYOBANQ?

What is LYOBANQ?

LYOBANQ is a digital banking platform that offers digital-first solutions for all banking needs. Experience fast, secure, and easy banking using a smartphone.
Brick-and-mortar customer service and long queues are patently the representation of traditional banking. For decades, shifting to digital banking was rather slow, if not sidetracked. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, providing online access to all types of banking services to people became the top priority of the banking industry.
According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, 33% of the Chinese population enrolled in online banking, followed by South Korea with 21%, Spain with 16%, and the United States with 15% as of April 2020. This growth trend is just the start and is unlikely to stop.
LYOBANQ was created to give people the power to conveniently access banking products and services with just a single tap on their phones.

Redefine Banking

Banking must be simple, transparent, and safe. With LYOBANQ, users can quickly accomplish more banking needs without exerting the same effort that they do with traditional banks.

Insights done right

Users will be able to see every spend better and track expenditures in one place.

Every banking service in one app

Users can send and receive payments, check spend analytics, and achieve their savings goals all in just one app.

Safe and secure

Our users' savings and personal data are safe through our compliance with the highest EMI security standards. Moreover, their funds are stored in a segregated account with the National Bank of Lithuania.

24/7 customer support

LYOBANQ's customer support is a blend of professional customer service agents and AI solutions to address concerns more accurately.

Fast account setup

Customers can open their accounts just by using their smartphones.
Here are LYOBANQ's features that users can take advantage of:
  • Unique SEPA and IBAN
  • SEPA and Swift Payment
  • 38 Currency Account
  • Forex Exchange
  • Multi-Card Virtual and Physical
  • B2C and B2B Account
  • Available in 95 Countries
  • API and White Label Solution
  • Payroll Program
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